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Air Intake Filters

Industrial Filter Manufacturers offers small, medium and large capacity intake filters and filter / silencers for the protection of air compressors, blowers, engines, and turbines. Standard air intake filters have capacities up to 40,000 CFM with outlet sizes up to 42" diameter. All models are furnished with rugged weather hoods. Standard materials are carbon steel and are furnished with rust preventative primer coating beneath all weather paint.

The AF, AFE, and AFS SERIES incorporate a "radial fin" design which offers maximum filter area, low-pressure drop, and a large dirt holding capacity for long element life. Standard models are furnished with a felted polyester medium rated at 98% efficiency on particle sizes 10 microns and larger. After several cleanings, most elements can be returned to the factory for rebuilding. (See Rebuilding Services)

The AFP two and three stage panel filter series’ incorporate a panel style element with efficiencies up to 99.98% of 0.3 microns.

Custom design and materials are available on all models to meet higher flow rates and special applications.

AF Series Standard Air Intake Filter
Designed for maximum protection, this efficient dry-type intake filter has a very low initial resistance to airflow. This allows it to meet varying filtered air requirements for all types of equipment.

AFS Series Silencing Air Intake Filter/Silencer
Engineered and designed to effectively reduce objectionable air intake noise on compressors, blowers and engines. This unit incorporates and efficient dry-type intake filter with a series of silencing tubes to help meet acceptable industry standards.

AFE Series In Line Air Intake Filter
The AFE SERIES intake filter is a closed circuit design that offers efficient filtration for engines, compressors, and blowers. This unit is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. It can be mounted directly on the inlet to machinery or can be remotely located in another area of choice. This makes it possible to duct intake piping to the cleanest and coolest air source available.

AFP Series Panel Style Air Intake Filter
This panel-type housing utilizes panel filters for removal of airborne particulate for centrifugal compressors, blowers, turbines and other smooth flow machines. Special AFP models include:

·"Walk-in" units that utilize inertial spin primary elements
·Activated charcoal primary panels for removal of corrosive vapors and/or odor causing gases
·Custom design and fabrication are available.

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