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AFPA Series Two Stage Air Intake Filter/Silencer
Flow Rates To 40,000 SCFM
Efficiencies to 99.98 @ 0.3 microns


The APFA series reduces maintenance time and costly equipment by efficiency removing damaging sub-micronic airborne particulates. Ideal for protecting centrifugal compressors and turbines in harsh, corrosive atmospheres, while reducing inlet noise.

Primary stage element no. 12099
. Primary stage element no. 12099 is a cleanable element containing 39 square feet of synthetic felt sandwiched between two layers of wire mesh and corrugated to provide high dust holding capacity. Element frame is a rugged galvanized steel with metal grids on the up and downstream sides. A metal strap is provided for ease of removal. Nominal efficiency is 98% @ 4 microns.
Second stage element no. 12166
 Second stage element no. 12166 is a disposable element containing 230 square feet of waterproof micro-glass media pleated around heavy-duty aluminum spacers. Optimum area provides lowest clean pressure drop. Media is potted to frame to provide additional strength as well as positive sealing. Neoprene sponge gasket is provided on both up and downstream face.
 Element frame is rugged galvanized steel with a metal strap for ease of removal. Continuous latch bracket allows for ease of clamping. Nominal efficiency is 99.98% @ 0.3 microns.

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